Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Inside and Outside Pest Control Services for The Villages, Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida Area.


Our Superior Pest Control Service in Ocala and the Central Florida area is second to none!  We not only leave bugs no place to hide, we provide preventive and exclusion pest control service to help insure they don’t make it into your home from the outside in the first place!

All of our pest control products and materials are placed where you do not see, touch or smell them on the inside of your home.  That’s right!  No more smelly messy sprays or poisons on your baseboards or inside your kitchen cabinets!

Here Is Why Our Pest Control Service Is Superior!

Wall voids are a great way for insects to travel from room to room inside of your home undetected. Home and Exterior Pest Control Service Ocala and The Villages FLWe treat all of your interior wall voids by removing accessible wall plates and by injecting a formulated powder. This powder “fogs” thru the cracks and crevices of the wall voids and settles, leaving roaches, ants and other foraging pests with no place to hide! This is a dry formulation which is odorless and stays within the wall void working as a bait once it settles. We remove and treat one wall plate and a time, replacing the wall plate before moving on to the next one. We work from room to room in a methodical manner to insure no missed opportunities for pest extermination and pest prevention. We normally will be able to get to each wall void for treatment without having to move any furniture. In the unlikely event something does need to be removed, we will always get your permission before doing so.

We treat kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities with a special baited gel. We perform this treatment as a crack and crevice method. There is no need to remove any items.  As we understand that bathrooms are considered private areas, we will always get your permission before treating the vanities. We also treat the plumbing access areas as these are great hiding places for insects waiting to get a drink of water!

We also use a fine granulated bait under heavy appliances such as your refrigerator, dishwasher, hot water heater, washing machine and dryer. These areas are a great source of heat and moisture and can and will be used by most insects to harbor and breed.

Exterior Home Pest Control Service Ocala and Gainesville FLPest Extermination And Prevention In Your Garage:

We sweep down any existing webs and treat along the upper wall/ceiling joints with a clear drying, non-staining liquid repellent as well as any cracks and crevices. This helps to cut down on any pests trying to harbor in this area.


Attic Pest Control:

When accessible, we apply a fine granular bait in the attic to help deter pests from getting into your stored items.

Outside Pest Extermination And Prevention in Ocala and Central Florida:

We sweep away any existing webbing on the exterior of your home. Termite Pest Control Service For Ocala, Gainesville and TheVillagesThis helps to insure a cleaner surface for our products to adhere to. We then apply a clear drying, non-staining liquid barrier around the window and door frames, eaves and soffits, and the base of the homes. This barrier works as a repellent to help keep insects from entering your home. It also deters spiders from setting up home on the outside of yours!

From time to time you may have an unwanted bug make it inside. Should this happen they should die shortly after doing so as they crossed the outside barrier to get in. Also, it is not uncommon for pests to be brought into the home via a grocery bag, soda carton or shipping boxes. Should they be carried over the outside barrier, they will be attracted to the materials we have placed in and around your home and will die shortly after doing so.

Our Superior Pest Control Service is guaranteed for one full year with unlimited pest control service calls in The Villages, Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area. This means that even though our products and materials are working for you year round, you may still call on us at any time should you feel concerned about any pest sightings! We offer next day service on most service calls or we set the appointment for the best date and time most convenient with your schedule. All appointments where inside service is needed are scheduled on a 2 hour time slot. This means no waiting around all day for the bug man!

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