Pest Control Tip: How Do I Keep Rodents Out Of My Home?

Pest Control Tip: How Do I Keep Rodents Out Of My Home?

How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home


Rodents like rats and mice are intelligent creatures that are very opportunistic when it comes to gaining entry to your home. Rodents can carry many diseases and are often infested with lice. This is why it is important to keep your home free of Rodents.


Steps you should do to the OUTSIDE of your home to keep rodents out.

Rodents do not discriminate. Clean or dirty, they’ll find a way into your home if there is a food supply.

  1. Keep the exterior of your home free from debris.
  2. Make sure your outside garbage cans, have lids that fit tightly.
  3. Don’t leave any possible food source outside, including pet food.
  4. Perimeter pest control treatment from Superior Services an Ocala, FL pest control company, will ensure rodents stay out of your home.


Tips you should take on the inside of your home, to help keep the rodents out.

On the inside of your home:

  1. Make sure all food containers are sealed and food is not left out.
  2. Be sure all pet food, is in sealed plastic containers.
  3. Do not leave pet food out after your pet has finished it’s meal, either dispose or store it in a sealed container for the next meal.
  4. Indoor garbage cans that have a lid will make it difficult for rats and mice to get inside that can.
  5. Be sure all drains are cleaned regularly and there is no food build up, that rodents can feed on.
  6. Conduct a thorough inspection of spaces in your foundation, as these are easy access areas for rodents to live and enter your home.

A tell-tale sign that you might have rats or mice in your home is if you find droppings or small holes in the bottom of containers or bags. Many times if the infestation is great enough you can hear them in your walls or attic at night when rodents are most active.

If you do see any of the above signs of rodents it is important to address the issue quickly, as rodents can carry many different diseases. At Superior Services our pest control service is guaranteed.  We have been providing pest control services for The Villages, Ocala, Gainesville and all over Central and North Central Florida for 17 years and know specifically how to treat Florida rodents and pests. Call us Today at 1-800-PEST-CONTROL or 1-800-737-8266 and schedule your Free Pest Control Inspection.

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